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Impact Raport 2023 – ENG

At the HUB of Social Entrepreneurs, the year 2023 was full of projects, activities and events, which we want to share with you. This is why we gathered all our results in the Impact Report, 2023 edition. In the report you can find not only the activities carried out, but also the COMMON IMPACT of all the beneficiaries, partners, donors and people who supported us along the way.


  • About us
  • The SDGs on which HUB activities were focused in 2023
  • The team that worked in 2023
  • Projects carried out in 2023
  • The systems approach for the ecosystem
  • Our results in numbers
  • Impact Days Moldova – First edition
  • Impact Forum – The first edition in UTA Gagauzia
  • IarmarEco 2023 – 12th edition
  • Empowering others
  • Education and motivation for change
  • Activities with impact
  • Participant feedback
  • Future work directions